We are SW Global, We Create Build Develop Finance Solutions

Our Mission

To become the foremost company in delivering e-government solutions in every market we operate. Harnessing technology to create a better tomorrow.

Our Vision

Our Company will act as a vehicle for promoting technology as a tool for development in a global society where knowledge is the currency of exchange.

Why Us

SW Global is one of the first globally competitive technology companies to emerge from West Africa and penetrate the global IT market.


Who We Are

SW Global Limited is an Application Service Provider (ASP). Our model provides institutions with quick and easy access to mission-critical applications, and removes the need for these institutions to bear directly the total cost of ownership of business applications and/or the need to engage in expensive ICT infrastructure acquisition.

The ASP model is a highly innovative, realistic and economically sound approach, specifically tailored to the challenges presented by developing markets. The SW Global business model is a bold commercial initiative; we do not simply offer solutions, we create new markets by leveraging the benefits of network economies and the economic advantages of rapid, frictionless, information flow.